June 02, 2011

Mayawati as Prime Minister

I think Mayawati is in many ways the likeliest person to become India's next Prime Minister. I see a fractious mandate being provided by the electorate in the next general election. I expect the regional leaders such as Jayalalitha and Mamta (not to mention Nitish Kumar, Naveen Patnaik, and Omar Farooq) to do well.

I am sure the ladies would love to support a female from the grassroots for the post of Prime Minster. It will be up to the big parties such as Congress and BJP to recognize people's mandate for what it is and perhaps choose to support a coalition of smaller parties at the center from outside.

This will of course reflect the reality of India's diversity where each state will have an individual voice in the running of the entire nation: a truly federal structure.

Mayawati has successfully Uttar Pradesh, one of the most complex Indian states. With this experience, she has shown that she is capable of engaging in the kind of deal-making that is essential to running India.

Let's remember that India is a democracy and not a meritocracy. If inexperienced Obama can get a shot at the U.S. Presidency because of his singular talent of oratory and Sarah Palin can dream of becoming President as well, Mayawati is surely entitled to having a shot at the top job in India. Considering the present occupant of the post, I won 't consider that a disgrace of any sort whatsoever to the office of the PM. 
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