May 29, 2009

Berlusconi Defeats Sarkozy

The recent revelations and controversy surrounding Mr. Berlusconi's exploits involving young females certainly proves that the Italian PM can defeat the French Prez. and do so convincingly.
The media frenzy surrounding Sarkozy's wedding to Carla Bruni must have a rather frustrating experience for the billionaire PM and media tycoon. After all, what has Sarkozy got that Berlusconi doesn't have? The French President might retire to a modest home somewhere in France while the Italian PM can afford to retire to the fanciest villa/chateau anywhere in Europe — or, indeed, he can buy the most fabulous place to stay in the South of France which would be beyond the modest incomes of Sarkozy.
So, the PM decided to out-do the Prez. at his own game — if the Prez. could boast of a famous model as his wife, the PM could persuade a bevy of models to be his guests . . .
I wonder when Indian politicians will be able to compete with global politicians on this particular index . . . not that Indian politicians do not possess colorful private lives, but usually these aspects tend to stay hidden.
The media in India is still somewhat hesitant when it comes to covering the 'exploits' of politicians in this arena . . . and there's also an innate tendency among the people of India to provide extra leeway when it comes to 'powerful' people — certainly, politicians belong in that group of selected few along with businesspersons and powerful criminals.
Then, there's the long history of monarchs in India — not the least being the Mughals — who had multiple wives either overtly or covertly . . . indeed, one remembers the royals of mythologies like the Ramayana who had multiple wives and it was considered 'okay' . . . apparently.
Indians tend to apply different yardsticks to judge the rulers and the ruled . . . which is undemocratic, but then democracy is certainly not an Indian invention.

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