December 13, 2009

Save the Tiger

The way Tiger Woods is being hounded, it would appear as if he were an elected official who had been caught with his hand in the till.

But this is not the case. So, why all this fuss? Why do people want to foist greatness on someone?

Tiger's genius lies in how he can hit the golf ball. Nothing has changed on that front.

His golf skills enabled him to earn millions. His skills are exceptional. So, is his wealth.

Why do people expect him to live an ordinary life like the rest of us ... the no-skills folks? What is the purpose of slogging so hard and having all that money if you can't go out and spend it the way you like?

Why do people expect that everyone will accept the moribund rules of our society? Let's face it: the rules and regulations that govern our society are pretty old-fashioned and not really suited to our times and realities. If people are not brave enough to dump those rules in their entirety, that's people's problems.

Through all of human history, people have found various ways to skirt and manipulate those rules or have fun in spite of those rules.

Whether it be, JFK or Michael Jordan, Hugh Hefner or Magic Johnson, Tiger Woods or Bill Clinton, exceptional men will always live their lives in exceptional ways.

And I admire them all ...

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