April 04, 2010

Empress of Uttar Pradesh

Mayawati continues in her merry ways ... establishing a police force with the sole purpose of guarding her statues ... is this a democracy or what! Great!

Yeah, how else will she 'create' a legacy ... like Ceasar and Alexander and Napolean and Shahjahan (perhaps, that's the closest likeness ... at least, geographically speaking).

Well, India has many colorful politicians ... we have one in Bihar who is also in a class by himself ... people of India have not 'dumped' him in spite of some significant scandals that he has been found to be involved in ... of course, India's legal/judicial system is malleable enough that it can be manipulated so that legal proceedings can 'proceed' for longer than human life spans ...

Tamil Nadu is the land of the famous 'Amma' ... well, that means there are two 'Ammas' then ... one of the religious kind and the other of the political kind ... I wonder, in this God-crazy country, which kind is the more powerful ...

The political menagerie is going to get even more interesting of course with the addition of one more interesting creature ... Ram Dev ... he comes from semi-religious territory and people have taken to 'following' him with such zealousness that he feels it is his job now to 'cleanse' India's political system ... surely, a noble intention and WHY NOT!

Viva la India!

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