July 10, 2010

Monster's Ball

Stretching the limits of human emotions.

We have a woman whose husband chooses the electric chair as the mode of death. And she gets involved unknowingly with the corrections officer who was in charge of the execution. The woman's clinically obese son dies too.

The police officer's son is not as heartless as his father and grandfather. Then, there is racism too.

Too many coincidences lead to these two lives getting intertwined. And they realize in time who they are.

But they realize that the pros outweigh the cons. And they choose to stick together. A simple tale really of how humans seek happiness above all and look for the best possible life they can give themselves.

In the process, perhaps there's some amount of redemption ... getting over old prejudices. Americans fighting with the remnants of old habits.

We in India, I am afraid, are yet to even acknowledge that we still carry many such prejudices. Perhaps, those prejudices are so ingrained in us that we don't even recognize them as such. Perhaps, we look upon them more as laws of nature. I think Indians have a lot of growing up to do in times to come.

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