December 22, 2010

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

How odd it sounds to say that. Really ! Are we living in the 21st century or what !!!

Is this still the Middle Age? Say out loud — The King of Saudi Arab. What an anachronism !!!

I read today that the said "king" of SA is getting out of hospital in New York !

And it occurred to me how there's this civilizational clash going on between the West and the Muslim nations ... Muslims would generally have a very low opinion about the "moral" values of the West and would be lightning fast in criticizing them but when it comes to getting medical care, I guess they don't mind when the King goes on a little jaunt to the Big Apple to get his slipped discs set right or a few broken bones joined back ...

Oh well, people tend to not realize when they are being hypocritical ... that's human nature.

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