February 18, 2011

Why Are Politicians so Shameless?

I am thinking of Ambika Soni having some fun at L. K. Advani's expense by wondering that she thought that he was retired. I am wondering who is Ambika's boss??? Who does she answer to? Who is the superboss of everyone in her party including as it happens the babbling, mumbling prime minister of India?

It is a sad fact of Indian politics that someone like Deve Gowda has been a prime minister. It's also sad that at various times other politicians including Mulayam Yadav, Laloo Yadav, Mayawati, Chandrababu Naidu, and many others have been possible prime ministerial candidates.

L. K. Advani's suitability to be prime minister may be open to debate. But surely, no one has less locus standi to be the prime minister than Sonia Gandhi.

I wonder how these people can sleep well at night. After all, one can lie all one wants to the world at large but you can't lie to yourself.

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