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The Curious Case of the Closed God

While walking in the evening the other day, I was passing by this temple close to my house at 9 p.m. I happened to overhear a couple of couples who are standing there and discussing something.

The subject matter of their discussion was the great dilemma they were faced with. You see, the temple gates had been locked. God was apparently closed for business for the day. So, they were discussing about what to do. Where to find another God who'd still be open for the day.

I'm thinking, God must do some skillful time management: think of the millions who keep asking for favors (and that too in these recessionary times) not to mention the wannabes who want to win lotteries and dancing competitions on TV and singing competitions of TV.

God must be a pretty patient creature though to tolerate these flocks who keep bothering for every tiny little thing.

I guess God can't do much about the whining humans — after all, God is responsible for the mess!

But if I were God, I would be smart and skip the part where I had to create humans. I would stop with just the animals.

I do not think primates (smart as they are) bother God much, nor I would imagine do the smart dolphins bother either. Fish are happy to live their lives as fish — can't imagine that some of the young female fishes would want to be crowned as the 'most beautiful' in the world of fishes.

But here we are .... bothering God for every little whim of ours. For example, Hindus have the peculiar habit that when they give birth to babies, they want to involve God in that too. Sigh. And when the same Hindus buy a vehicle, then too they want to show it off to God and take blessings.

Clearly, Hindus must think that God must be pretty stupid as otherwise how can Hindus think that God will think Hindus are pretty smart just because they bought a Bajaj bike or a BMW bike or a Mercedes car or a Maruti one.

What do you say God? Are you tired? May be you want to take a vacation like Morgan Freeman ...

I hear Bali is good ... but don't bother going to Goa ... oh well, I guess you'd have the insider scoop on all the places since you created them all ... apparently. Happy vacationing!


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