April 03, 2011

Enough Already.

It's ... what, about three hours since India won the Cup.

Are we done celebrating yet or are we going to go on and on ...

I'm already dreading being around in 2031 when the 20th anniversary of this great win will come around.

It's tough to extrapolate how much more sillier the media will get from where they are now and how much more silly their questions will get.

I'm sure they will Sachin how he 'felt' back in 2011 when we won the Cup. And I want to say already: come on, give the old man a break, will you?

So, I'm ready to move on with my mundane life.

What's next? Let's see ...

  • Well, GoDaddy's CEO has shot an elephant and expectedly, PETA is up in arms. He's going to get the Scummiest CEO award from PETA ... apparently a brand new award that PETA has invented just for him.
  • The final death toll is yet to be determined in the grim Japanese earthquake/tsunami. The search continues. And the nuclear meltdown disaster continues to unfold too as a unique sideshow.
  • A scary near miss happened with a Southwest plane developing a hole in its fuselage.
  •  Republicans and Democrats are fighting a budget battle obdurately which might yet lead to a government shutdown.
  • And of course many Republicans continue to test the waters before they finally, finally jump into the fray to be the candidate for President in 2012. Obama will win of course. So, relax.
  • Oh, Elizabeth Taylor died a few days back. No,  really. Today is April 02, 2011.
  • And finally, India's population has been tallied at 1.2 billion. That merits a blog post all its own.
  • Oh, India's tiger numbers have increased too.

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