August 14, 2011

The Article of Independence

For a civilization and a sub-continent, it's not quite clear what the specific import of 1947 is.

I do not know where to place the specific importance in the long history of India of the acts of the British when they creepingly occupied India first and then suddenly left when things became a bit too hot to handle.

Human lives however are measured on the scale of human lifespans. So it matters a lot to people whether the last 50 years have been productive or fruitless years in the story of India.

And the India story over the past half century has been famously a mixed bag.

India started its journey exactly like Nehru said: a great civilization awakened from long years of sleep.

It has mostly been drifting since then. India can't make any singular claims of achievement that it can be proud of as a signature feat of all of humanity.

People of India are mostly interested in trivialities -- such as religion and their petty family lives.

What of the future? More of the same.

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