December 03, 2011

News Roundup

It's time to perform one of my irregular news roundups as I seem to be coming across a variety of interesting stories.

Here's a sad story about the continuing tragedy of unmarked graves in Kashmir from the BBC. Hopefully, a full investigation will happen and the truth come out.

It's clearly not difficult to imagine the police or the military being involved in certain amount of torture upto and including custodial killings of civilians. Very sad reality in a democracy.

Ok. Have some fun watching this stand up act by an Indian in the UK.

And here's a good, inspirational speech by a young man who was raised by a gay couple.

And here's an old article about the shocking tale of AIDS in Africa.

Life is very strange. Agreed. An obituary.

Ha! Can you imagine the launch of the Mars Science Laboratory and the rover Curiosity was so perfect that it won't require a planned course correction. Its trajectory is initially designed so that it will MISS Mars by thousands of kilometers! This is so as not to contaminate the Martian environment with microbes that may possibly have been carried by the Centaur stage attached to Curiosity. Talks about precautions!! This is the zenith of what NASA is all about. I'm happy to be around to witness all this.

One sure wishes to see great intergalactic ships starting on their great intergalactic missions with thousands (if not millions) of humans on board in one's lifetime. But probably that won't come to pass. What a tragedy.

A lecture at the MIT Sloan School by the smart Eric Schmidt.

The Barney Frank eulogizing continues as he decides to retire from Congress.

Here's a TED talk about learning in fetuses.

And another TED talk about living to be 100 + years old. Clearly, I'm not interested. If only because I'm neither healthy enough nor wanted enough. Some fascinating tales about real people in pockets of the world such as Sardinia, Italy and Okinawa, Japan where many people live to be centenarians.

Ok. That's it in this collection or it will go on and on and I'll keep adding stuff endlessly.
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