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Indian Sex Tapes?

I don't know that there are plenty of them. This Tehelka article deals at length with them.
I sure hope it's true that Indian youth are making sex tapes just for fun.
Because Indians clearly need to grow up and get over their prudishness about sex.
Indians keep on PRETENDING as if sex does not exist or as if it's a bad thing. Even in our language, there's no 'normal' word or phrase to refer to sex or porn, is there? What's Hindi for sex? For porn?
Anyways, so much "good quality" stuff of international origin is available in all the 'genres' of porn that Indians, if they are in the "game" are probably laggards here as well just like India ranks 156 or something in football.
We really need to change our mindsets and I mean in a revolutionary fashion. Porn and sex are NOT BAD just as much as 'sati' was bad. Who'll be the Rammohan Roy of the 21st century?

Here's how I 'wish' things would 'change.' I imagine a mainstream celebrity — it probably has to be female as there is clearly more 'demand' for female nudity from the male audience — willing creating a sex tape like Paris Hilton and other 'trail blazers' have already done.
Instead of shouting that the tape was "leaked," I wish a celebrity would simply say, "no, I did that on purpose. What's wrong with sex? I want my fans to enjoy watching me having sex."Is that too much to hope for in India?Going beyond that, I wish more ordinary Indians would create sex tapes of themselves and upload to paid sites. There can be a site like all those matrimonial sites where you become a member by paying 10,000 rupees or whatever and then get to see some good quality "amateur porn" or "real couples having sex."And of course the "theme" can then keep on expanding... to threesomes or having one's wife enjoy sex with another man with the husband present and so on. When will Indians and others grow beyond the idea of associating "marriage" with sexual exclusivity. It's not like if you got 'married,' that you bought a couch or TV or underwear or automobile for your 'personal' use. And we do not mind if someone sits on the couch or watches the TV or takes a ride in 'our' automobile; the only thing not to be shared is one's underwear.
So, will there ever be Naughty India?
Some Indians — particularly the senior citizens... or, as I like to call them, senile citizens, old foggies, etc. — might find these ideas to be 'outrageous.' Of course, the same middle class Indians do not find it outrageous that 600 million or so Indians defecate in the fields in the mornings and on the train lines.
We are young only once. I don't know if males look "good" when they are young; at least the females do. Make a sex tape; share it with the world; we will all be "old and dying and dead" as Vikram Seth put it.
Of course, the laws will need to be changed so that employers can't discriminate because somebody has a sex tape out there.
It should be as common place as folks having their own YouTube channels and videotaping themselves doing whatever fancies them.
Are Indians even creative enough to "utilize" the free platform that YouTube provides? I remember reading in Colin Powell's autobiography that he used to take out his car's engine and put it back together — many Americans (males mostly?) apparently have this obsession, this "hobby" and love affair with their automobiles.
Are there Indian car owners who can do the same and make a video and teach or share?
There's one Mr. P. Jalan who has his YouTube channel where he shares guitar chords of popular songs... since guitars are a bit of a hobby of mine, I happen to watch him once in a while.
There's one American young woman who makes short 4-5 minute videos talking about everything and her videos are watched by thousands as well. Probably her most famous YouTube video is titled "It's Only Sexist When Men Do It."
What prevents someone from starting a cookery channel on YouTube? Sure there are aunties and uncles cooking 'Mother's Chicken Recipe' or Butter Chicken or gulab jamuns or whatever else already on YouTube. But are you saying there is NO WAY to improve upon the uncles and aunts?I can think of plenty of ways to 'spice up' the cooking — mix it up with dancing, mix it up with sexy clothing.Why is there no Indian version of Top Gear — just take the basic idea of doing completely crazy things with automobiles and think up crazy stuff to do in India.Anyways, I should not share too much here. These are "creative" ideas and I should copyright them first to earn royalty in case anyone copies them.So, the point is about CREATIVITY. Sadly, Indians seem to lack in that department. The youth are just happy to follow in the well worn paths of their parents. Get some degree; get a job and then get married... probably to a first cousin!
Make a baby and have the idiot old MothFcukers give the baby a name; they get the naming rights. And of course what do the old idiots do? They fall back into the "only" knowledge they have; the idiotic Hindu myths and countless gods and come up with a stupid, old-fashioned name like 'Ram', 'Shyam' or some such absolutely disgraceful name.
And THIS is the India of 2013.


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Well, it seems the Government of India is up to its usual censoring ways ... It's not as bad as what the Chinese are doing in battling Google. The Internet is awash in pornography and the feeble attempts of the Govt. of India won't be able to stem the tide. The Govt. should merely restrict itself to ensuring that there's no child pornography or trafficking of humans. There are problems galore for the Govt. to worry about as it is ...