August 23, 2013

Let Jagannath (And Other Gods Too) Go To Hell

In a nation where millions of children have to work to 'earn' a living rather then going to school, the banality of discussions about 'God' and temples is breathtaking.

Also, it baffles me that the so called 'educated' youth of India continue to believe in outdated ideas such as 'God.'

I wish people would attempt to WAKE UP from their deep slumber and realize that this is the 21st century!!

God and religions are responsible only for too much trouble, hatred and bloodshed in the world.

What good is God?

I do not see anything 'good' about God.

If anyone argues that we get our moral bearings from God/religion, well, then there would be no need for an IPC and a criminal justice system and police.

But really, how dumb does one have to be to believe in on'es 'particular' God?

For the people of Odisha, it's an obsession with Puri and Jagannath.

In Maharashtra, it's Ganesh. In Bengal and among Bengalis worldwide, it's Durga and Kali probably.

For Christians, they have their 'God' and Jesus Christ.

Muslims have some other guy, a Prophet Mohammed.

So, for all believers of various stripes, how do they even begin to 'reconcile' all these various faiths, gods, and creation myths?

Did Vishnu create the world? Or the God of Christianity did?

Have not educated people read Carl Sagan? Or Richard Feynman?

NOBODY, no top-level scientist, such as Nobel laurates believes in God.

ALL my family members however believe in God.

ALL the old folks in my family believe in God.

The CHOICE is clear for me.

We are lucky that we are not living in the 15th century or whatever the century was when Galileo got killed by the Church for proposing that the Earth is NOT the center of the universe.

We have SURELY come quite a long way since then?

We know that we are just living on an ordinary planet revolving around an ordinary star which takes 250 million years to revolve once around the center of the Milky Way galaxy; and what a spectacular thing that galaxy is!

Our galaxy has some 100 billion to 400 billion stars.

And the visible universe has some 100 billion galaxies like the Milky Way.

THAT is the SPECTACULAR vista of the universe that MODERN science and astronomy shows us.

We know what powers the Sun. We know about stellar nucleosynsthesis.

A great Indian, Subrahmanian Chandrasekhar made the calculation of the limiting mass of a star beyond which it inevitably collapses into a 'black hole.'

We have a great legacy of science built up particularly in the 20th century.

Why bury our head in sand and pay obeisance to these thousand-year-old follies?

What are we AFRAID of? That 'God' will 'punish' us? Take away our jobs? Kill our parents or kids?

Why do educated people take their new bikes and cars to the temple?

Do not people learn ANY 'rationality' at all through their so-called 'education'?

Oh, people have 'faith' in God, is it?

To have 'faith' in an invisible sky daddy without ANY PROOF WHATSOEVER is utter folly.

Ever think of that?

WHAT IF the gods of Hinduism were a fiction? What if the Muslim and Christian gods were the true gods? Ever think of that?

What if 'ONLY' the Hindu gods were 'real' and the 'other' gods were 'false'?

Ahhhh ... that would be blissssssss ... right?

I imagine, do people really, REALLY believe that a 'God' Ram came to the Earth? That a 'God' Vishnu did all that the Mahabharata says he did??

Do you guys REALLY believe that there is a 'God' called 'Shiva'?

Do you REALLY believe that a half-man, half-elephant 'God' called 'Ganesh' exists?

Do you REALLY believe there is a god with four heads named 'Brahma'?

I mean, come on, JUST COME ON!!!

This is the TWENTY first century and not the 'first' century A.D.!!

We are the products of four billion years of evolution.

The Sun is 4.5 billion years old. It has another 5 billion years to go.

We have got all that time to explore our galaxy and then galaxies beyond.

Come on people! Elon Musk is planning human settlements on Mars!

It is NO TIME to be blah blah blahing about any gods or godmen; be it Puri or Jagannath or Sai Baba or Tirupati or any of the hundred different religions and gods of India.

Read some Dawkins, Sam Harris, or Christopher Hitchens for crying out loud!

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