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Top 10 Reasons Against Marraige

So you think you've found your soulmate -> the guy who has the exact same crazy hobbies as you and wants to spend time doing the exact same goofy things as you do.
  1. You were always looking for a partner who was into reading classic literature and now you are sooo looking forward to spending the next months, years, and the lifetime itself together reading wonderful books to each other. But what if your interests doing quite coincide? You are sure you can reconcile your differences? So you're both into Hemingway and Faulkner and not into maudlin romances. But what if one of you suddenly develops a liking for 50 Shades? No gray areas? Well, you never know. You haven't spent 30 years talking about your interests. Indeed, your interests might change as you grow older and who knows, two people might grow old differently. They might be possessed of different demons.
  2. So you're both ornithologists. But what if one of you is interested in migratory birds while the other is more into water birds?
  3. So you're both doctors. But one of you might be interested in the theoretical stuff, extending the envelope, crazy experimental stuff, trying to understand the "junk" DNA, or grow spare body parts in the lab for autologous transplants, while the other might be into epidemeology and public health issues.
  4. So you're both lawyers. But one of you is into constitutional law or fighting for civil liberties or interested in doing pro bono work primarily while the other wants to make millions being a corporate lawyer. What if one of you is in favor of giving the death penalty to the maximum number of people while the other takes up cases to reverse the death penalty given to those on death row.
  5. May be you both love sports. May be you both love baseball or football of hockey or cricket or soccer. But what if you support different teams? A Yankees fan cohabiting with a Red Sox fan? Eww.
  6. What if 'He' is a Republican (and speaks with an Austrian accent too) and 'She' is Democrat. And look at how THAT turned out!
  7. What if you're both religious --> but belong to different religions and worship different gods. May be one of you is Amish and the other is a Mormon. Millions have been killed because of differences of opinion regarding which god created the universe.
  8. What if both are in the IT business? Well, that might work out as both will be busy and .... well, there are successful precedents such as Marissa Mayer and Mr. Mayer who's also the SurveyMonkey guy, right?
  9. What if the bossman is a banker or hedge fund guy or some such Wall St. millionaire/billionaire and she's the former blonde model who's 30 plus now and retired. Well, that will probably work out as well.
  10. What if both are Hollywood actors? You mean like Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman? Or Cruise and Aniston? Or ... well, they are ACTORS. So, it doesn't matter either way.
Also, all good memorable legendary stories of romances are those where one of the parties suddenly dies in youth. There's the story of Edward VIII but there's also the story of Diana, Princes of Wales.

What if one of the partners is for the death penalty and the other is against it?

What if one of the partners loves Game of Thrones and the other is in love with Homeland.


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