June 15, 2012

An Obama Appraisal

People halfway around the world were rooting for Mr. Obama in 2008. Including me.

What did Mr. Obama accomplish?

No closing of Guantanamo Bay. Perhaps incumbent presidents become privy to intelligence documents detailing the crazy lengths that terrorists go or can go to try and harm America. And that changes the mind of the President.

But what about Wall St? He kid gloved the hedge fund industry, and the billionaires and the tend-headed monster that is the banking industry.

On healthcare, he has tried to carry the baton forward from the Great Society platform created in the '60s.

Not much in terms of campaign finance reform or the lobbying industry.

Perhaps courageous attempts to curb the spiraling costs of healthcare for retirees and also curb the military industrial complex by cutting the defense budget.

Renewable energy usage expansion as well as trying to mitigate the burden of student loans on youngsters.

All this in a legislative framework of utter gridlock in Congress and a Supreme Court that is Conservative-heavy.

Summary: some promises kept, some tasks started, other challenges not taken on for various reasons.

All in all a mixed record. Obama fails on the yardstick of the historic changes he had promised during the 2008 campaign.

But then we the people perhaps should not have been so taken in by the lofty campaign rhetoric. Christopher Hitchens saw through it. We should have as well.

So vote for Obama in 2012? Sure. Or do a lot worse. Like vote Romney.

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