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Dowry Seekers Please Excuse

If you are a male of a certain age in India, of course you are seeking a suitable alliance.
The below is a compilation of the definitive characteristics of the Indian female.
This should help the grooms find and choose their perfect life partner.
  1. Girls are traditional … and with a Fair complexion too.
  2. They carry Positive attitudes and expect the same.
  3. Their Priorities are more to family values and Indian culture.
  4. They’re often simple and sober.
  5. A beautiful girl of high oral values, strong character, righteous... virtuous... kindhearted, God fearing.... straight forward... traditional values and modern outlook... done PG (anthropology **** University). 
  6. They’re sincerely from core and strong will power.
  7. They’re god fearing and trust on god very much.
  8. They’re very Ambitious.
  9. my famly believs in horroscope matching so, please provide ur birth details along with ur inteterest.
    & those who support dowry... please xcuse.........
  10. Hobbies: Cooking & Dancing
  11. They believe in sanctity of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji
  12. They believe in family values

  1. They’re a perfect combination of modern and traditional Indian values
  2. Hello, i am ** **. I have completed my masters in computer application nd english along wid B. ed. I am presently working in IT company at chandigarh. I want a teetotaller companion with warm, affectionate thinking really knowing the values of life partner. He should be a non smoker strictly nd a fatalyst also having pleasing personality. Note: computer shows manglik , but acoording to our pandit ji my kundli can match to both manglik aand non manglik, so before proceeding further please get it matched with your pandit ji.
  3. They respect elders and love their family
  4. Marriage is a bonding of Souls
  5. They’re very honest person who believe in enjoying each moment of life n wat matters for them about their life partner is his understanding level n they believe in god
  6. They’re 5 members in a family
  7. Sometimes they’re spiritual but not religious.
  8. Their father is a manager in bank in canara bank
  9. 1.Dowry seekers and super fast cases ,please excuse.
    2.Only those serious need apply.
  10. They’re a perfect combination of modern and traditional Indian values
  11. They’ve strong beliefs in Almighty God
  12. They clarify: dowry wishers please excuse us or dowry seekers please excuse us
  13. Or: time-passers please excuse
  14. Some have completed their bachelor in low
  15. Often they believe in ‘live and let live’
  16.  i always belive in god bcoz god is omnipresent
  17. Some girls are ‘MODERN BUT NOT ULTRA MODERN’
  18. Other times they’re spiritual AND religious.
  19. Some can be CRYSTAL clear … as in:
    Plz be informed that am certainly not suiatable to u if ur:-
    -Expecting any dowry. 
    -Not jat sikh. 
    -Above 34. 
    Wish u good luck. Thank u very much.
  20. ‘my daughter is a perfect blend of traditionality and modernity’
  21. She is person of values. She is kind and with a good heart. Her hobbies are to watch TV and listen to music.
  22. Note:- Please share your parents contact no. to proceed further. No tiime for timepass and non-serious alliances... Good Luck!
  23. i am very simple shower. i like listening music, sleeping.
  24. last but not the least he should be handsome and gud looking.
  25. matured, witty, bubbly, balancive, dutyful...... & smily........
  26. Helpful family info: bhabhi is C A, LLB my Didi & Jiju both are Sw engineer setteled & working in Malborne Australia
  27. “I am very fair. my father has a farm with share Rs.15 lakh.”
  28. “I have completed my MBA. My hobbies are like listening music. My friends describe me as confident. I am looking for a partner who loveable, smart n good lookig.

    My family advance, loveable, n educated. To me marriage means not relationship between two person but also a good relationship with two family.. I live Arunachal pradesh, with my parents.”
  29. I am very talented Person. Full fo creativity, Love to be happy all the time, always ready to learn new and new and things as and when required to not to take any complaint of not knowing certain thing. Like to serve others and try my level best to keep the other person happy and get adjusted to any kind of atmosphere. Is very ground to earth and a experienced person with not much of desires and demand. Believe in honesty, hardwork and expect the same from the other person. Believe in compatibility and running the life smoothly with any kind of adjustment and support required by the partener at any point of time.

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