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The Bogeyman Called Pornography

This guy who has filed this petition is most probably an idiot as most  'senior' citizens of India are.

I will hopefully go through his entire petition in detail and come up with a comprehensive sort of response on this.

Here, I would only tell the Supreme Court two things:

1) Let's not go down the path of Khomeini in Iran who only wanted to 'purify' Iranian society.

2) Let's not go down the path of the Taliban. It's nobody's case that child porn should be allowed to "thrive." The existence of child pornography points to the "criminals" who manage to create these videos. Let the Government of India put in EVERY resource it has got into the effort to put an end to the sexual exploitation of minors.

And let the government also "implement" all the laws on the statute books that make child labor criminal.

Let the government implement all the laws against dowry.

But let no one argue that pornography goes against "Indian culture" or any such bullshit. If the argument is that pornography promotes violent behavior against women, then where do you stop?

Do you want to ban some varieties of porn which depict women in an objectified manner? Then, well, go ahead! Let the government set up an agency that will "monitor" such web sites as may host such objectionable material and ban only those sites. But I won't tolerate if some old idiots decide that all pornography is immoral or obscene.

I am sure that the BJP-VHP-RSS types must be chafing at the bits to impose "Hindu culture" and "protect" it from all those scantily-clad Western women or nude women.

I have two objections to claiming that all porn is obscene:

1) If porn is obscene, then you are saying that "sex" is obscene. So all those who engage in sex with their wives are actually indulging in more obscene behavior than those who merely "watch" sex.

2) If porn is objectionable because of the way they objectify women, then most Bollywood movies do that too. They are soft-porn where the leading actresses reveal their midriffs or parts of their boobs or legs or asses to titillate audiences. Let's ban Bollywood movies too. After all, that's what the Taliban has done. ALL entertainment is bad since it "corrupts" our minds; therefore, let's ban all music, movies, and kite flying too.

So let's not get too swayed by spurious logic which goes like this:

1) there are porn which objectify women and depict rape or violent sex against women;
2) there are MILLIONS of these videos and they are proliferating all the time;
3) men are watching these videos and then GOING OUT and COMMITTING CRIMES AGAINST WOMEN.

There is no EVIDENCE that the above logic has any truth to it.

So, let's not try to make "perfect" beings out of fallible humans and even more fallible Indians. Let's deal with the "real" problems. The gender imbalance is a "real" problem which has some relevance to violence against women.

Le's focus on the real evils of Indian society. The biggest evils are the bearded godmen — Ramdev, Sri Sri 'Bastard' Ravi Shankar, Asha Ram, Sai Baba, etc. If anyone thinks they're doing any good, I will again merely point to the bearded men of Taliban and all the good they have done. And the Ayatollah Khomeini who similarly exploited his "religious" or godman image to take Iran from under one set of evil rulers to another set.

In general, people should grow out of their obsession with religion. For proof of how evil and regressive and useless religion is, all one has to do is look at the entire Muslim world which has contributed ... well, it has contributed nothing much (or simply NOTHING at all) to modern science & technology and innovation.

And as part of that "growing up" process, people must realize that THERE ARE NO "GOOD" GODMEN. If some old idiots with beards want to lead a life of contemplation and meditation and whatever other bullshit, they are more than welcome to retreat to their jungle retreats and live life like monks and sadhus. They are idiots still but at least they DO NO HARM. There's no LOGIC, no CASE, for these old men to acquire "worldly wealth" and strive to acquire power or influence society as the idiots I have previously named have tried to do and are trying to do.

The idiots have NO RIGHT to try to influence other people's thinking and trying to grow a base of millions of "followers." It's of course sad that India is home to millions who are happy to blindly become devotees of these cheap charlatans and stage magicians and keep photographs of these bastards at home and worship them.

So I fully support banning these godmen and their fraud businesses. Just imagine —> a few of these charlatans are selling spurious stuff as "medicines" and making money by making fools of people.

The second minor evil is cricket. It's an evil in the sense that millions of youngsters spend their adolescent years trying to replicate the successes of the Sachins, Rahuls, Yuvrajs, Gangulys, etc. Out of a million young boy, perhaps one makes it all the way to the Indian team. Many young men probably waste their life in the name of cricket. They waste the "important" years of their lives playing cricket while they should have been studying and then when the cricket takes them nowhere, they end up becoming unemployed. They probably mostly end up doing some odd jobs such as driving a three-wheeler or opening some small shop selling stationary or utensils or grocery or something.

Then there are the millions of others who manage to study and get a job but continue with the "hobby" of cricket. If you ask the average Indian about his or her hobby, the three most common answers you are likely to hear would be these: watching cricket, watching Bollywood movies, and listening to Bollywood and other music. Well, it just makes me sad that Indians who have a job, say, in the IT industry think they have somehow "arrived" and they stop learning anything new. Indians are so lacking in curiosity and the desire to learn new things. It makes me sad.

There is a REASON why America and Europe have led in the story of human innovation. Think of Feynman or Einstein or Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Or Henry Ford to Nikola Tesla. Who makes the innovations and wins the Nobel Prizes? Sadly, the youth are merely blindly happy to eulogize an idiot like "Swami" Vivekananda. The guy was a racist and casteist at worst and merely uttered some nonsense that is entirely irrelevant today at best.

Well, I guess Indians are at least "winning" in the race to make the most babies.


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Well, it seems the Government of India is up to its usual censoring ways ... It's not as bad as what the Chinese are doing in battling Google. The Internet is awash in pornography and the feeble attempts of the Govt. of India won't be able to stem the tide. The Govt. should merely restrict itself to ensuring that there's no child pornography or trafficking of humans. There are problems galore for the Govt. to worry about as it is ...