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True Paradise for Space Buffs

So what does a space buff dream about? Of course he or she wishes that they were born to a Wall St. millionaire or hedge fund guy and had about $10 million in the bank.

I don't know about the U.S. but if you keep that amount of money in a risk-free 'Fixed Deposit' in an Indian bank, you will earn a very conservative interest of 8%.

For the typical space buff, an annual earning of $800,000 will be QUITE FINE, THANK YOU! [As an aside, the ALL CAPS reminds me of Henry Fonda challenging those trouts in On Golden Pond by calling them SOB while out fishing in the pond with his grandson ... or the 'son' he never had.]

Then the buff will devote himself or herself entirely to doing what he or she loves doing — which is space stuff of course!

Sure, he or she will apply to be an astronaut on the Mars One project.

And will keep a tab on where the ISS is ALL the time.

Look at the Sun at the Solar Dynamics Observatory site. And watch videos like this one or may be make videos like this.

Will sigh admiring a few galaxy images in the Hubble archives. It will be difficult of course to tear the space buff away from the majestic, awesome, spell-binding Hubble archives.

May be the space buff will spend WEEKS browsing the Hubble images. And after a month, AGAIN go back to the Hubble images that have been compiled into movies. And so on.

Then there's the Hubble Legacy Archive to play with.

The buff is not unaware of the ESO either.

He (if not she) has an orgasm looking at this image of four of the first ALMA antennas at the Array Operations Site on the Chajnantor plateau in Chile with the awesome, breathtaking vista of our Milky Way spread out across the sky. I mean, who can blame him! I dare ANYONE to look at this image and not get a chill down his or her spine.

Basically, the buff wants to remain alive so as to see the completion of projects like ALMA. And then JWST.

A space buff will indulge his math hobby once in a while like here. His maths reference will probably on Wolfram Alpha.

He will participate in many distributed computing projects such as 3D proteins, SETI@Home, going through Kepler data to hunt for planets and other stuff.


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