June 21, 2013

Michael Hastings

I am afraid we'll soon forget his shocking death. Frankly, not being from the journalistic fraternity, I was not much familiar with the biographical details of Mr. Hastings.

I would not have been able to tell before today if asked to name who the author of that damning story about General McChrystal in Rolling Stone magazine was.

And today I read Mr. Hastings obituaries and about his wife complaining about the NYT obituary.

The LA Times reported about the accident and that the 'body' was so badly burnt that the coroner's office had yet to determine that the body belonged to Michael Hastings.

This story about the crash embeds a video of the burning car and we can see how bad it really was.

The Guardian article has some comments in which the commentators have posted relevant links.

What a fearless sort of a short life he lived where he already lost a fiancĂ©e covering the Iraq war.

He wrote three books too already!

What an eventful life.

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