June 04, 2009

Need to condemn homeopathy?

Researchers have urged WHO to "publicly condemn homeopathy as a treatment for serious diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, TB, and malaria."
The researchers are concerned as some patients have reportedly paid with their lives as a result of choosing homeopathy over more effective treatment options.
Homeopathy may not be the only culprit of this nature — one wonders how many Indians take the nonsense propounded by sadhus/yogis and other varieties of Godmen seriously.
These self-proclaimed "learned" folk don't hesitate to propound remedies to all sorts of diseases — whether it be AIDS or cancer or any other life-threatening or serious condition.
These claims are never put to a scientific scrutiny — the kind of scrutiny that every drug goes through before getting to the market.
These Godmen are allowed to escape scot-free no matter how many people might have died as a result of following their hair-brained advice.
People of India are of course very fond of "miracle cures."
People don't consider it as anything out of the ordinary when they're cured of a disease by taking a medication prescribed by a medical professional — they would rather be cured by some mumbo-jumbo performed by some Godmen.
And when someone does get cured — purely a statistical matter — the stock of these Godmen obviously rises.
But unfortunately, when people die as a result of following their rank bad advice, the stock of these folks unfortunately doesn't go down . . . as people basically want to believe in various miracles.
One wonders when will the people of India (and others as well) rise from their slumber and "Grow Up!"

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