June 25, 2009

Running A Marathon

I read just the other day that Mark Bittman is preparing to run the New York Marathon.
I find that astonishing as he's someone with a 30-year-old daughter.
It's also a challenge to a 30-something guy like me and to all persons who are in a similar age group.

Here's a link to the story:

I have only just started walking a little bit whenever possible ... I try to do it everyday. Even that is a big achievement for me ... but I've realized the age-old wisdom of health is wealth after being especially ill for a somewhat prolonged period of time ...
I am unfortunately still carrying the damage sustained from a fall on the stairs on my right foot, which starts paining when I put too much stress on it ...

Not to mention, of course, the other manifold damages that I carry such as those from smoking ...

Be that as it may, if I can someday run a full marathon, I'd consider that a stupendous achievement!

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