June 09, 2009

The Perils of Tradition

Today the news pages report that Aamir Khan is going to have a baby.
Today also marks the end of a life — Habib Tanvir.
And a celebrity has been arrested for carrying declared jewellery into the country.
The stock markets continue their see-saw movements.
dead bodies continue to be found from the Air France plane crash.
Some trifling developments from the T20 World Cup.
Federer of course has equalled Pete Sampras' career Grand Slam wins.
A random day in the life of India.
"The Perils of Tradition" basically references the fact that Indians tend to be happy to live their everyday lives.
People basically don't like upheavals in their lives.
Even the young generation isn't necessarily designed to seek out revolutions.
That's a sad fact that I've discovered recently.
Perhaps, someone like Jawaharlal Nehru who lived almost a century ago was more progressive than most Indians who are alive today.
Come to think of that!!!

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