October 10, 2009

Bill Safire Dies

William Safire died a few days ago. I remember reading his wonderful columns on language some years ago.

Tim Russert had died last year quite unexpectedly. Two wonderful commentators belonging to complementary fields.

I wonder if there are similar commentators in Indian media -- or, if that is at all possible.

I think the media and the powers that be in India might be too much hand in glove -- the media tycoons would be reluctant to upset the applecart by having straight-talking columnists on their payroll.

The reading public is also perhaps not looking so much at learning about the unvarnished truth as it's seeking to get some 'entertainment.'

People of India tend to have a rather convenient moral sense and their value system often tends to be 'relative.'

We need people who question Supreme Court decisions (and the necessary legal framework so that judges do not hide behind a 'contempt of court' wall) and who call a spade a spade or 'congenital liars.'

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