October 17, 2009

The Holy Grail of a Weight Loss Drug

Pharam companies have tried for years to come up with a wonder drug to fight obesity in America. Mostly, that effort has been fruitless for various reasons.

The human body simply seems to be reluctant to let go of its weight.

Three California companies seem to be having some success in developing drugs. Let's see whether the FDA gives them the go-ahead and how well they fare in the marketplace.

Of course, eating less food and exercising would appear to be the best medicines.

In wealthy countries, food being relatively cheap compared to the incomes of people, it's easy to overeat. In poor countries, people tend to be lean as food is quite an expensive proposition and people have to spend their incomes judiciously and decide what to eat and not spend money needlessly on excess food.

It would be great if people in rich countries were to donate their extra money to people in poor countries but I don't think people would be inclined to do that. And that includes me as well.

I think when you want to give money to others, you also want to be able to influence their thinking at the least.

I can easily imagine helping others ... poor people in my own family, but I don't think I would be able to influence or change their thinking. And that fact makes me hesitant to want to help.

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