October 05, 2009

What Baby Boom!

Give me a break!

Probably that's how Indians would react if they knew about this phenomenon that's described as the post-World War II Baby Boom.

It's the generation of Bill Clinton and others who belong to his age group.

For those interested in arcane Americana, this Baby Boom refers to the eggregious increase in the number of babies that people were having ... this increase took place in the boom years following the end of the Second World War.

Those years, late 40s and all of the 50s saw Americans having more than 4 million babies a year. Of course, that's a laughable boom by Indian standards. Indians would defeat Americans in this game any day: Indians today give birth to anywhere between 20 million to 30 million babies in a year.

So, what boom are Americans talking about??? It's positively a baby drought rather than a baby boom.

Americans would need to do a lot more to compete with Indians in this regard.

And frankly, Americnas can't even hope or dream of matching Indians in this game.

And Indians have been at it, like, for ever!!!

Indians don't wait till their country wins a war, or some such silly occasion to get busy doing what they do best ...

So, I say, three cheers to the 'real' baby boomers, that is, Indians!!!

Keep it up, folks!

Don't let Americans, or anyone else for that matter, come close!

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