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In praise of sleeping ...

So, I enjoy sleeping. I mean with myself ... not with someone else — that would be a different story altogether. I am merely talking about the prosaic routine we all indulge in for about eight hours every night ... of course, if you are one of the multitude of youngsters employed by India's call center/BPO industry, then you would probably be indulging in this activity during day time ...

Anyway, it occurred to me that if more people enjoyed this activity more and partook of it more often in more copious quantities, our species might be better off in some ways ... I mean, what do some folks do when they are not asleep ... planning new ways of killing other people, planning how to proselytize and persuade normal people to become suicide bombers, devise ever more powerful nuclear weapons or missiles or whatever, ever more stealthy nuclear submarines or airplanes, etc.

How I wish Hitler was more fund of sleeping and just took an afternoon siesta like folks in my state of Orissa ... so many millions of lives would have been spared ... and the mustachioed guy too — Stalin ... how the millions of dead in the gulags would be wishing that Stalin were more in love with sleeping rather than ...

So, all in all, I would exhort all and sundry to join me in celebrating the values of this invaluable activity and partake more in it — remember that you would be doing a SERVICE to humanity/humankind.


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