January 15, 2011

Sainting John Paul

So, the Pope is on his way to becoming a saint. It's so easy and common place to ascribe saintly qualities to the former Pope ... now dead (I wish to stress that).

People will say ... oh, he was such a gentle old man ... but then I think even my grandfather ... or, both my grandfathers were pretty gentle as well ... most old men tend to be.

So, what is the big deal? Let's go ahead and make saints of all old folks !!!

And if you talk about miracles, my query would be how authentic are they? When a Pope or somebody touches someone and that person gets cured in some fashion, then that becomes a miracle. However, when heart surgeons and brain surgeons and trauma surgeons and cancer specialists bring the dead back to life so to say ... everyday and perhaps in numbers running into the millions, why is that not a miracle?

I don't get it ...

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