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The Pope and the Big Bang

Or, the Big Bang Pope.

Whichever ………………

What I’m referring to here is of course the Pope’s comment or opinion that God is apparently the ‘mind’ behind the Big Bang … oh well, who would have known that … except the Pope of course.

It occurs to me though that neither the Bible nor any of the other religions have explicitly talked about the theory of the Big Bang and God being behind it.
It’s only a theory that Physicists here on planet Earth came up with in the twentieth century … imagine what a very specific situation that is !!!

Scientists here on one planet around one star in some ordinary, insignificant corner of this one galaxy, the Milky Way …

I wonder what else knowledge the Pope is privy to on account of his ‘special’ relationship with God … why doesn’t the Pope share all his knowledge in a proactive manner rather than wait for science to come up with something and only then reacting to that.

Science is far from complete of course and does not brag about itself — part of the very nature of the scientific enterprise. Religion is the exactly opposite — brash, full of braggadocio, confident about its own righteousness …

Science is just beginning to understand the nature of the universe. We realize now that some basic laws of Physics apply throughout the universe … laws such as the law of Gravity. And yet there are so many things that are mysteries for science … apparently only four percent of the matter in the universe is what we know of as ordinary particles. The rest of the 96 percent consists of dark matter and dark energy. So, the nature of that dark matter and energy still remains a significant mystery. Will the Pope proactively solve that mystery please??? Or will he wait for science to come up with an answer and then react to that scientific solution?

Just the other day, NASA’s Kepler mission found evidence of an Earth-like or rocky planet around a nearby star. So, how commonplace is that — in our galaxy as well as across the breadth of the visible universe? Science is yet to find the answer to this very basic of questions — how common are Earth-like planets in the vastness of the cosmos.

Why doesn’t the Pope show some proactivity and answer that question before science has to put in a hell of a lot of effort not to mention sink billions of dollars …

How wonderful would that be ! imagine — you are wondering about some question of science and are worrying yourself to death trying to find the answer to that question and then you have the answer … the Pope !!!!

I am curious above all about whether life exists elsewhere in the universe or not. All available evidence seems to be pointing towards a universe that harbors millions of planets. It remains to be seen how many of them are rocky, Earth-like planets and how many are located in a habitable zone around their home star so that water can remain in all three states. And then how many of those planets would see the emergence of single-celled carbon-based life forms or some other more exotic form of life. And then, how inevitable is it that given millions and billions of years, those single-celled simple organisms would change into something more complex, eventually leading to the emergence of intelligence … simple organisms to more complex ones.

What planet in some corner of the Milky Way harbors what strange life forms … carbon-based or more exotic … what a fascinating thought.

A universe made up of billions of galaxies … and each galaxy comprising of billions and hundreds of billions of stars.

What a fantastic universe we live in !!!


  1. Well, Ken Ham says the Pope is wrong....

    "because God said he made the Earth before the sun and the stars...."



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