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Top Secret Patented iPhone Tips for Apple

Since I am a die-hard Apple user -- use iPods, iPhones, iPads, MacBook Airs, MacBook Pros -- I thought to share a few innovation tips to the guys at Apple tearing their hair over what new features to add to their upcoming iPhones that will keep the competition at bay.

Here are my top suggestions -- have an expandable external keyboard and screen. Let me explain and expand that.

The iPhone screen of 3.5 inches can stay that -- but you can have a folded screen that will expand in a fun way when the user needs a larger screen, say to work on that document/spreadsheet/presentation while waiting for the flight or inside the flight.

Oh and the user will of course need a full-sized physical keyboard as well. So include a full keyboard which nicely folds into the back of the phone. The material needs to be thin yet sturdy. Carbon fiber or carbon nanotubes might do the trick.

You all of course know about the ever expanding storage. So I need not advise you to include 128 GB solid state storage going up to 500 GB and even Terabyte class storage in the near future. The users will find a way to make use of all that storage.

They will download and store and watch movies on those expandable screens.

I guess the cynics might say that there is a bit of Samsung (or Korean/Taiwanese/East Asian) technology inside any Apple product. But none of Apple technology inside a Samsung.

This is of course a result of the general nature of the world economy in which innovation happens in that crazy piece of land called Silicon Valley and cheap manufacturing happens in East Asia.

It certainly seems odd that Microsoft managed to remain a leader for so long despite not being present in Silicon Valley. Same applies to Big Blue.

Innovations in processors and storage will happen regularly and the benefits of those innovations will be available to all the mobile phone makers.

The same probably also applies to that other big, fat part of a cellphone -- the battery.

So the innovations will come either in the form of some new disruptive sort of hardware or crazy software -- the stuff of Silicon Valley.

So yes I look forward to the map apps going 3D so that I can virtually fly through the streets of Manhattan using the iPhone.

And software is getting ever smarter. Apple can build its own competition to Facebook and make use of the Apple ecosystem and all the knowledge it has about Apple users to let them share stuff with other Apple users in extraordinary ways.

Some app maker probably already has an iPhone app that automatically calculates while you're walking or running throughout the day while carrying your iPhone and tells you at the end of the day how many calories you have burnt that day.

Probably soon video software will become sophisticated enough so that you can just point your iPhone camera to the plate of food you're going to have for lunch/dinner and it will be able to give you a pretty good estimate of the amount of calories it contains.

Then it can add the calories and subtract the calories burnt and you have a rough idea of total calories lost or gained over a day. Then you get the data for a month.

That can probably be converted into lbs and so the phone will be able to tell you how much you are likely to have gained or lost over a month. Now you can keep a tab of your weight on a monthly basis and cross check the phone's estimates by actually taking your weight. If you feed the phone your starting weight, then of course the phone will give an estimate of your present weight.

Soon enough these things will become smart and accurate enough that users will trust the phone completely and won't go weigh themselves on an actual machine.

Then they will of course cheat by not taking photos when they enjoy that pizza or ice cream or cake... 

What else can the iPhone have? I don't think it can have a foldable umbrella inside it -- I am thinking of that umbrella in the door of the Rolls Royce car. But that's probably a British peculiarity. You don't need umbrellas in California. Anyway, rainfalls are getting less everywhere due to global warming.

Oh and about that first sentence. That might be a bit of a 'stretcher' as Mark Twain would have put it.


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