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Dress Sense and Common Sense for Women

I read one more article by one female about how women have the right to wear what they want, when they want, where they want, etc.

I would love it if women wore revealing clothes whenever they were in a public place -- not merely skin-hugging tight jeans, but short, short skirts like those Hollywood celebs wear which reveal their panties intentionally or otherwise.

The top of the dress should reveal good amount of the boobs as well or preferably have wardrobe malfunctions - manufactured or otherwise.

Young good-looking women wearing these clothes should preferably visit areas of Delhi at 2 a.m. which are particularly untouched by the rule of law. May be they can have their grandmother accompanying them who should be carrying 2 lakhs in cash or wearing a good amount of gold jewelry.

The amount or number of incidents of rape in India seems not-too-high -> that's probably because most such incidents are in fact not even reported to the police either because the perpetrator is known to the victim or because the family do not wish to bring such incidents to the notice of the police as they know that the police will essentially do nothing. In a small number of incidents, the perpetrator might be powerful enough that he might be able to intimidate the victim.

One of the reasons for these incidents of course is the skewed sex ratio prevalent in India because of whatever weird social values we have inherited. The problem with Indians in a very broad sense is that they tend to choose to only be as civilized as necessary. I don't even known if I can explain what I mean by that so I won't try. Of course, when your morality only extends so far, the chicken might come home to roost at some point.

Well, I said I won't try, but let me try. I have got a couple of random thoughts. For instance, when women complain -- essentially -- about the 'right to wear jeans', it seems to be that it's a silly thing. If you are a female and want to venture into dangerous neighborhoods at 2 a.m., I think you are putting yourself at risk. I think if you are working in one of those hedge fund offices or high end Wall St. offices dealing in billions of dollar ... 

Well, let me actually scratch that. Those gentlemen and women are essentially doing nothing though they might deal with billions of dollar. That also applies to millionaire lawyers.

Think of, say, teachers, or doctors in a hospital -- emergency room or elsewhere -- or your average officer worker sitting in a cubicle for eight hours or whatever: I want to argue that if you are a women, it makes sense to wear clothes that do not accentuate the 'sexual' aspect of a women. I don't know much about biology -- surely nothing compared to Desmond Morris or Richard Dawkins.

I only know that if my female co-worker sitting next to me all day wore some short skirt which showed much of her thighs, panties or like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct she revealed that she wore nothing underneath, and wore some other clothing which revealed >50% of her boobs, well, I would find that a bit distracting. Anyway, I don't mind women wearing such clothes to the office if they wish to. Hey, what do you know -> my days of working in the Indian IT industry are mostly over. So it's for other men to have to supress their natural instincts when presented with opportunities for sex or reminded of sex. OTOH, I guess I am 'missing the show' as it were.

Soon enough, it will be The End of Men as so many women are writing everywhere in all the magazines. Then, if and when an office is manned -- or make that womanned -- exclusively by women, I guess it won't matter when women come to the office wearing short skirts and pantyless. It will truly be manna from heaven for men and men will be all extinct.

It's like those days from two billion years ago when the Moon was apparently twice as close to the Earth and thus must have looked twice as large. Imagine how beautiful those full moon days would have been back then ... but alas, as Carl Sagan has pointed out, there were no lovers to admire that view.

But before they go entirely extinct, there will be a time of heightened joy for the Last Men as it were. Imagine a time when there is one man for ten or 100 women. It will be like being around five billion years hence when the Sun starts going supernova. Not actually when it becomes a supergiant -> because when the Sun transforms into a supergiant, Earth will be toast and inside the Sun. But imagine a time when the Sun is just starting to get bigger and during that time, the sunrises and the sunsets will be so beautiful. Imagine the rising Sun or the setting Sun being 10 times larger than it is today. And you would make a trip to a beach to see that and then quickly go underground before the Sun fries you as the surface temperature on Earth would be 1,000 degrees Centigrade and humans would be living deep underground.

Or imagine living on one of the satellites of Saturn. What a majestic view the Saturn will present in the skies of the satellite. It will be ever-changing and mesmerizing. Hopefully, humans will start living on the oceans of Europa lot sooner than five billion years -- may be in less than a thousand years.

And perhaps even sooner than that, we'll be able to virtually experience these two extraordinary possibilities or certainties in one or more James Cameron movies when his prodigious imagination and the latest in computer processor and animation technology come together.

In brief then, I am comparing an office environment where women wear short skirts, no panties, and show boobs to watching a Sun that is 10 times bigger and living on a satellite of Saturn. Well. I guess yes.

In other news, Indians have taken to the news of the girl in Pakistan's Swat Valley -- Malala is her name, right? -- who has taken on the crazy Pakistani Talibans. Which is not to say that there's a Taliban which is sane.

There was the case of the Pussy Riot group in Russia who are behind bars thanks to their lack of sycophancy towards the reigning czar of Russia -> Czar Putin. I wish though that we would read more about the suicides happening in rural Haryana -- and who knows how many more are happening in Bihar, UP, or Odisha.

I am also confident if the rape and suicide stuff had happened to a rich girl in Delhi or some such place, there would have been bigger media focus. Think Geetika. Or Aarushi. Why is that? Isn't it racism to be concerned more about the lives and deaths of the beautiful or the rich? Are the lives of the girls in rural Haryana worth less?


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