March 21, 2014

In Memory Of The Emergency

Like the partition and its accompanying riots, Emergency was an abomination. It's good to remember lest we repeat the same mistakes again.

Khuswant Singh was one of those who initially supported it but then opposed it when they realized how grotesque it was. It turns out that Jayprakash Narayan was sort of like an Arvind Kejriwal of his day. Or, to put it in another way, Kejriwal is trying to be the JP of the present age.

A new generation or two has come of age since Indira Gandhi's time. Who remembers the ghouls such as Jagmohan or Naveen Chawla or the other chamchas of Sanjay Gandhi and their misdeeds. There were a few heroes too of course, such as George Fernandes.

The death of Khuswant Singh is an occasion for a bit of looking back.

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