September 25, 2009

Small Cars and more

Alan Mullaly was here in New Delhi, India to launch Ford’s small car named Figo. This shows the importance of the small-car thrust of the global major as well as the key role to be played by India in that endeavor.

Next in line are Volkswagen with their Golf or Polo and also Toyota and Nissan Renault. That will bring things full circle. That will mean all the global biggies will be here:

· Toyota
· Ford
· Volkswagen
· Honda
· General Motors
· Mercedes
· Audi
· Ferrari
· Porsche
· Nissan Renault
Wow! One can say: ‘What a country!!!’
I guess it might be easy to forget in this festivity that there are still kids begging at many traffic stops on the streets of New Delhi.

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