September 25, 2009

Julia and Rahul

Julia Roberts is in India and as usual there’s breathless reporting of the event — quite sickening. It always happens, of course — in my short life, I recall similar stuff from Michael Jackson’s visit to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s visit. Also, Princess Diana’s visit had generated some amount of breathless reporting. But I guess the Princess must have been used to much worse tabloid and paparazzi stuff back home and in Europe and America.

Rahul Mahajan wants to follow in the footsteps of Rakhi. Both are birds of the same feather of course. I wonder what people feel now that Rakhi has decided not to marry the guy she chose during her swayambar. Do people feel like she took them for a ride??? Or, are people still game for one more ride? I think there will be enough girls who would apply to be Rahul’s bride in spite of the fact that he is a once-married man who divorced his pilot wife. India is in the early stages of following a Western-style celebrity-culture and we can boast of our own Paris Hiltons and Kim Kardashians, etc. in due course.

BTW, I had a thought — what if Rahul Mahajan and Julia Roberts were to tie the knot??? Naaaaaahhhhh, I think it’s unlikely in the extreme (well, that’s an understatement) that Julia would have heard of our desi eligible bachelor. Of course, our Indian celebrities sometimes tend to over-rate their fame — as happened with the saga of Shah Rukh being held at an airport in the U.S. I wonder what’s behind the fuss that he created about that. I think Mr. Khan is smart enough to realize that he’s no global celebrity that INS or Homeland Security officials would recognize him. Was he trying to garner some free publicity in which case of course he was mightily successful! I would have thought that a veteran like him won’t necessarily adopt such desperate measures for publicity but then you never know. Celebrities probably need publicity more than they need food …

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