September 09, 2009

Gold Getting Costly — so, what's new?

Well, what's new is that it's getting costlier than ever.

It seems people's insatiable and unquenchable thirst for the precious metal has reached some sort of epidemic proportions. Or, may be, it's just simple mathematics. Since, gold is found only in limited quantities, and the number of people on the planet and therefore number of people who desire to own gold is endlessly increasing, the price of gold will continue to increase ad infinitum.

I fail to understand this craze, of course. This craze is particularly endemic in our blessed land where marriages don't happen without the presence of the yellow metal.

Will someone explain to the people that this is just a metal like any other metal, say, iron, or aluminum, etc.? Well, I don't think people will understand it anyhow. So, it's basically a hopeless situation.

People's fascination with gold will be there for the forseeable future and so the price of gold will continue to increase ... unless, of course, the ancient art/science of alchemy is at last mastered and scientists learn how to convert other ... ordinary ... metals to gold.

Imagine if a cheap process is invented whereby something commonly available like iron or steel is easily converted to gold. Then, that will definitely impact the price of gold — as the availability increase, so the price will definitely decrease.

Amen to that!

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