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The Churlish Adolescence of India and Pakistan

I was surprised when I learnt recently that the Government of India was mulling giving aid to the flood victims in Pakistan until recently when so many weeks have passed since the floods.

This is extremely unfortunate and childish on the part of the government. Does it think that the people of India will get angry if it gives aid to the poor people of Pakistan? I don't think the people of India have any enmity with the common men and women of Pakistan who are probably hostages in the hands of the Army and religious zealots.

And at last, the government, in its infinite wisdom decided to give $5 million. But, strangely enough, now it's the turn of the government of Pakistan to show that it's no less childish than the government of India. So, what does the government of Pakistan do? It's still mulling whether to 'accept' India's gift or not!

It's shocking to see this infantile behavior of these two 60 year old nations.


  1. Of course, by now you will know Pakistan has decided to accept the help.
    There's a lot more that could be explored, however.I doubt that there are many who could or would point you to the different aspects of this touched on in my post yesterday. Then you might have some more interesting thoughts re: reasonable suspicions, incomprehensible 'planning' and more.
    Pak Nationalists' thoughts are not necessarily overwrought nor inane and dangerous hatemongering.Be sure that India WaterPortal's commentary on the PDF supplied by International Rivers is understood by you : and of course I recommend the PDF itself, which I downloaded and kept years ago.
    If you go to the Topical Index in my sidebar and check out 'End of an Era' in 'Water - Wealth & Power' it will introduce you to what perhaps you do not know...though I haven't really put together anything on it. Also Search for 'Hydraulic Despotism in the Himalayas'. I recall reading encyclopedic entries indicating it was a practice of villages reaching back into antiquity.


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Savita Bhabi

Well, it seems the Government of India is up to its usual censoring ways ... It's not as bad as what the Chinese are doing in battling Google. The Internet is awash in pornography and the feeble attempts of the Govt. of India won't be able to stem the tide. The Govt. should merely restrict itself to ensuring that there's no child pornography or trafficking of humans. There are problems galore for the Govt. to worry about as it is ...