August 03, 2010

Remains of the Day

I am thinking of how the mighty have fallen.

Think of the plight of a British PM who had to fly in blind to land at Delhi airport.

And think of what would have been the case if it was instead the President of the U.S. who was flying in or for that matter the PM of India.

The entire airspace over New Delhi would have been closed for an hour if not more. Ordinary passengers be damned!

And this is the PM of a country that once had an empire over which the sun never set.

At least, the Queen chose to maintain her dignity by simply not travelling to Delhi for the Commonwealth Games. Smart lady!

Poor suckers like Indians and a few others of course continue to fly the flag of the commonwealth — a dead idea that never was quite hot to begin with.

But then Indians are party to many such dead people's societies such as NAM and SAARC.

Britain at least has got what still matters somewhat — a membership on the U.N. Security Council as one of the five permanent members with a veto power.

After all, winning the Second World War should amount to something!

France is there too.

Poor Japan and Germany are still knocking on the door ...

So, the message is: never lose a war — especially, a 'world' war.

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