August 13, 2010

Does BlackBerry bypass the NSA?

That's what I am thinking after reading this ...

I mean, the U.S. govt. is probably able to crack any encrypted communication it wants to ...

And the movie Enemy of the State would have us believe that the telecommunications companies are hand in glove with the govt. And of course there are laws in the U.S. too that require companies to provide access to the govt. when the govt. wants to tap into any particular individual's account.

As long as that's all done in a supervised fashion ... legal warrants and all ... I think that's okay in these days of terrorism.

1 comment:

  1. "o.k. in these days of terrorism"
    Oh, all rightee, then!
    I guess you missed the part where the 'terrorists' are those without nukes and/or 'conventional forces' to repel invaders. Or the part where the Resistance magically becomes the Insurgency when foreign forces comment on their occupation and uprooting of what was local government.
    Perhaps the part where the F.B.I. issues tens of thousands of letters annually allowing them to inspect electronic records without Due Process - systemic and systematic abuse - is also Jolly Good.
    This from the people who also
    I'll leave you to your cheery world of fatuous irrelevancies.


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