March 11, 2011

Not Again !

The Pope has apparently authored some book and pontificated as is his habit ... I can't believe how people let someone who's completely unqualified to talk about anything lecture about everything !

Just give it a thought. The Pope gives about the use of contraceptive techniques. Is he a professional gynecologist or something of a related nature? The Pope opines that science should not investigate about what happened before the Big Bang. Is he a trained general relativist which makes him qualified to talk about this? The Pope does not like the idea of embryonic stem cell research. He considers it an example of humans playing god. Is he an embryologist ... a microbiologist ... a geneticist perhaps?

What about the theory of evolution? Clearly, the religious potentates won't be so stupid as to look at the fossilized remains of a dinosaur and dismiss it entirely as a figment of human imagination. At the same time, they can't give their stamp of approval to the theory of evolution either. Doing so would eliminate god or the idea of god or whatever remains of the idea of god.

So, what the god-headed folks do is to say that god created all those creatures a few thousand years ago and man and dinosaurs roamed freely on the Earth and mingled amongst themselves.

Clearly, some people are benefiting from 'freedom of expression.' The rest of us therefore equally deserve the right to freely call them to task when they utter logical fallacies and illogical monstrosities.

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