March 24, 2011

What Price Heartbreak

Is the end of a relationship a little like dying? But what does it mean to say that ... die a little.

Is it like losing a little part of oneself? Sighhhhhh.

Is there some evolutionary basis to this?

What brings two people together? Perhaps just self-interest. And is that bad? Perhaps not.

It seems to me that heartbreak is not so much like one's own death. It's more like the death of someone beloved.

So we grieve. For a day or a few days or any other suitable length of time. But then we pick ourselves up and life moves on.

And so it is, I think, with heartbreak.

Heartbreak can be overcome. Ignorance can last a lifetime.

1 comment:

  1. Heartbreak or Ignorance - If you have the will to overcome it, you usually can. Most of the time it is our choice to wallow in it....


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