March 15, 2011

Revised Ramayana

I was thinking of a revised version of this ancient Indian tale. Something more suited to the 21st century. I am thinking of the empowered females of today who are so unlike the women of yesterday.

So, let's tweak the storyline a little bit.

I imagine Ram being a rather boring guy ... perhaps rather like the Indian cricketer Sachin and lacking some of the swashbuckling character of, say, cricketers from other countries ... you can think of any cricketer that you admire in particular. Gul Panag recently admired one from Pakistan on Twitter which generated some angry responses ... Sania of course showed her preferences in her own unique way as well.

So, Sita being an empowered and emancipated female decided not to give in to fate and instead to make her own destiny. So, in a true pioneering spirit, she sought to seek out new frontiers in the relationship domain.

She had heard of this wise and powerful king in a foreign land ... a King with an intriguing name Ravana ... yeah, clearly, the name itself makes you want to explore the guy further.

So, how was she going to take this further? Clearly, Ram was not up to it considering all that this would involve ... the transportation and logistics and having to explain to the folks back home.

So, she thought it would be a great idea to stage her own kidnapping ... she called her trusted friend Hanuman and asked him to courier a secret message to Ravana. In the letter, Sita gave all the necessary details for a successful kidnap expedition.

And so, by and by, Ravana came at the right time and kidnapped her in his wonderful flying machine and Sita quite enjoyed the ride to Sri Lanka too ... she had never before seen the coastline of India after all ... she thought it was wonderful to observe it from on high ... so sharply etched, the blue waters of the ocean on one side and the landmass of India on the other.

After Sita reached Ravana's palace, she had many an intellectual discussions with the wise king discussing the latest in science & technology and contemporary international affairs and went for scuba diving too using Ravana's proprietary scuba equipment.

But eventually, Ram got bold and launched his now-well-known campaign to free Sita and he succeeded too unfortunately ... and the rest is history, as they say.

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