March 13, 2011

Where did all the screen gods go?

I was wondering about the actors who portrayed various gods on those TV serials about two decades back.

Many of the 'important' gods of course managed to leverage their roles in quite remarkable and unrelated ways.

Many of the gods became politicians and representatives of the people of India.

But then their political careers sort of fizzled out as the people decided that perhaps they didn't want these gods to represent them.

Even as actors, I do not think any of these guys either were exceptional in their profession to begin with or rose to any great heights afterwards.

Perhaps this shows that playing god is a rather easy job as far as acting jobs go. Which would seem to indicate that the 'story' itself was rather weak if the main characters are rather unremarkable.

Indeed, the mythologies are more or less like children's fables written millennia ago that have lost much of their relevance today.

The basic assumption that something written ages ago would contain something remarkably wise seems rather childish. Just try to imagine the world as it was only ten years ago. A world virtually without Google, Facebook, Twitter, cell phones, cheap flights, Delhi Metro, cheap computers, etc.

Does anyone want to live in that world? So, if it's clearly obvious that we have improved the world in the last ten years, why can't we realize that we have improved the world immeasurably and immensely more through the centuries.

Why do we search for great wisdom in the distant past?

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