August 07, 2012

Superstitions — Harmful and Innocent

How do you find out about the guys who had leukemia and thought that if they got to touch Sai Baba's penis or something (or vice versa) they would get cured? The problem with superstition is that it's more often than not innocent. How do you deal with the fact that the educated 30-something professionals of this country can get taken for a ride by the 'sophisticated' charlatans like Sr Sri or Deepak Chor pa? It's so annoying to find out as I did that the educated types say that they're all skeptical and don't believe in God but will do stupid stuff which contradicts that position. I've an aunt who says she got cured from her back trouble because she keeps photos of some godmen ... I don't remember ... probably the name of the charlatan is ... well ... Bhagwan! Take that for humility! How do you prove the 'harm' in visiting temples every Monday morning to touch or kiss a penis of a god? (sorry if offending anyone) I like to keep photos of gods under my feet literally in the Delhi winter. Better to have gods/godesses under the feet to keep them warm instead of touching the cold floors. Should I post photos? Will it 'hurt' the jokers ... a.k.a. Hindus?

What are my rights? Should we go ahead and actively seek to hurt? I think we should.

What about noise pollution by temples/mosques/
gurudwaras. They're all violating SC orders left and right.

I am suffering because of a gurudwara in Delhi and so I'm taking it up --- am realizing that the constables of Delhi Police are illiterate. So I have written to the Commissioner.

I am not sure how active -- let alone proactive -- the police would be in these 'sensitive' matters.

Needless to say, people are stupid -- the believers of course.

But the problem is when they get any disease -- from fever to TB and cancer -- the people go and take the help of modern medicine.

Of course they don't forget the gods either. These people asking for EVERYTHING from the gods and bribing the gods with this and that are so pathetically shameless of course.

Once they get cured or give birth to a stupid newborn baby in a modern hospital, they'll go and thank a stupid god.

Those are the challenging conundrums to solve.

The top 1 percenters of this country are pretty crazy. The 80 percent of the middle of India are god-believers and crazy about money and will do anything to make money. I don't know about the bottom 20 percent who probably are primarily focused on getting food in front of them twice a day.

I am more interested in Direct Action -- to use a phrase from the age of Gandhi. And of course it must be emphasized here that Gandhi can't be too much of a role model for us either because he was crazy and weird. The best that can be said about him is that he was a crafty politician.

1. How many of us are willing to cut off relations with our stupid cousins and other relations over religion?

2. How many have zero, ZERO, relation with the ritual parts of religion -- which is the MAIN part in India?

3. How many would be willing to, say, make a break with friends/ relations or whoever if the said friend/relation or whoever chooses to take his or her new bike/car/scooter/truck/train/airplane to a temple for the god's blessing?

4. The point is not to point out how superstitions are or can be harmful. It's incumbent upon us to go out there and shout that if someone subscribes to superstitions that makes that person STUPID because of precisely those beliefs.

5. I like to say that if Hindus are willing to worship phalluses or have faith in variously handicapped gods such as those with 4 hands/heads, I like to describe them (the Hindus) as 'donkey fuckers.'

Are there people who agree with the above? Are more people with me or against me? I wonder ...

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