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Babies are smart after all

Gosh! What astonishing studies psychologists do!!!

Testing babies to see if they can differentiate between right and wrong!

And lo and behold, babies CAN do that! Six-month-old babies and eight-month-old babies and year-old babies!

Babies can tell the good guy from the bad guy!

So, we start out with some innate sense of what is right and what is wrong. Then, culture and learning reinforces those senses.

Wonderful stuff ...

The next fun stuff to see would be this: test to see if babies are capable of deceiving when they see some benefit for themselves in it and no harm for anyone else ... something akin to corruption perhaps.

Adults normally find it easy to take short cuts and indulge in corruption when they feel that they can gain something from indulging in such corruption while at the same time there is no obvious downside to it ... can or do babies make those sort of decisions ...

Oh, what a crazy idea!


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