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Some Days are Interesting ... and others are not

What a smorgasboard of news items ...

One has to marvel at the way politicians like Lalu and Mulayam survive in spite of umpteen scams. One can add to the list of course. I mentioned these two in the context of something that has been said by the BJP chief which these two 'gentlemen' found 'insulting.'

What a joke — I am least bothered. But, the audacity of the shamelessness of politicians and the short tenure of the memory of the public is mind boggling.

Well, strange to see Jairam Ramesh suddenly taking a liking to the Chinese and getting into a mess. Even the United States is wary of China ... so, it might be better to take a cautious approach with the dragon so that we are not caught with our pants down.

Strange stuff, of course. A very strange nation — China. What does it do to a nation to have been defeated in war like China was by Japan. So much suffering. The Japanese have done such horrific stuff like experimenting on live humans, etc. — basically, not much different than the Nazis.

Indeed, what does it do to the Japanese? A victor as well as a vanquished. I guess we Indians will never know as we have neither ever soared so high nor fallen so low ...

So, Seeta and Geeta are finally separated. I hope I have got the names of the conjoined twins correct. Batra Hospital doctors are the guys who deserve the free publicity which is why they would have agreed to conduct the surgery of course.

I wonder if this is the same set of twins that Apollo Hospital (New Delhi) doctors were supposed to operate on ... there was even a photo-op with the doctors, etc. I had kept a cut out of the news item somewhere to see if they would ACTUALLY follow up on their promise ... apparently, Apollo did not follow up on their promise or got scared or something if I am not mixing something up on account of my usual short term memory loss. So, Indian doctors doing a better job that the doctors of Singapore General Hospital did with Laleh and Ladan Bijani ... but then those two ladies were complete grown ups and everyone knew that the risks in that operation were way higher in spite of Dr. Goh and Dr. Ben Carson.

Security E-chips for newborns: yeah that seems to be a good idea — whatever it is. I am assuming it is what it sounds like. I mean, maternity wards in Indian hospitals are teeming with newborns and it's easy to hand over the 'wrong' baby to a set of beaming parents ... well, that's how the plot of Midnight's Children began, did not it? Oh, my memory really sucks!

Plane crashes in Libya: 103 people dead. One boy alive. Miracle?

Women should not work, women should work. According to the fatwa-vending mullahs of Deoband. What crap! How can people tolerate this nonsense. I guess people become used to a lot of nonsense out of habit and then they manage to tolerate the nonsense.

Bill Gates adopts eight flood-hit Bihar districts — good for Bill and good for Bihar. Now, we can say: Bill and Bihar bhai bhai.

Moving x-ray to scan truck bombs in Pakistan — well, fantastic, innovative idea! The sort of money-spinners that ... well, I don't know who has made it, so ...

I was thinking of how some companies benefit from all the terrorism and wars ... the 'military-industrial complex' that has grown monstrously more influential since the time Ike warned exactly about this!

Cheers then! What a wonderful day this has been ... and the Earth has rotated once more ...


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