May 07, 2010


So, it's Death to the Infidel!

Or, perhaps Death to the Traitor!

Or, Death to the Murderer!

Or, Death to the Terrorist!

I don't know what sounds most potent ...

I am only referring to Kasab getting the death sentence for his role in 26/11. I wonder how much of an impact this event will have from the perspective of one hundred years.

How will people remember this incident? In this vast country, with its myriad tumults, I am sure this will be no more than a footnote known only to or remembered only by a few professional historians of the 22nd century.

The more immediate question though is this. When will Kasab be actually hanged as per the punishment dished out? The Bombay HC is there and then the Supreme Court of India. So, a conservative estimate would be at least one year.

Check with me in one year's time and then we'll see if I have been right or wrong — too optimistic or too pessimistic.

Remember that the guys who got the death penalty in connection with the Parliament attach of 2001 are yet to be actually hanged. So, QED.

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