May 07, 2010

My New Residence

I hear Mr. Vijay Mallaya is 'tearing down' his ancestral home in the 'heart' of Bangalore — I mean, I am not ABSOLUTELY sure, okay — to build in its place a 31-storey skyscraper that will boast of 75 super-luxury 'flats' — of course, that's different from flat tyres.

'Flats' are merely apartments ...

And the price-tag for the said apartments will be a reasonable 20 crores apiece ...

So, obviously, I am going to buy one of these. Bye bye Gurgaon, here I come Bangalore!

Do you think the Indian Income Tax department reads my blog? No, not likely ... though, I don't think they would be watching porn like the SEC guys ... I mean, how cool is that!!!

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