June 06, 2010

Cow Milk!!! And humans ...

It struck me that we drink milk of a different species!

And why should that be healthy for us humans???

Cow milk is designed to be of help to cows — baby cows!

And we think nothing of using it. Then, also consider this. Cows are genetically altered to be very fat so that they are good sources of beef apart from producing a lot of milk.

So, won't such cows have something in their genes which would be transfer ed to us when we drink the milk? Something that is likely to make us fat? Is that why Americans are so fat?

I mean, has anyone ever tried this simple experiment. Let's compare the milk of a 'fat' cow versus the milk of a 'normal' cow ... as are found on the streets of India, for example.

We can 'expose' two sets of people to the milk from these two different varieties of cows: one group to milk from 'fat' cows and the other to milk from 'thin' cows.

Then, after a certain period of time and consistent use, we can check to see if the different milk makes any difference with all other factors remaining same.

Well, a bit of a tough experiment — needs to be done double blind and all that.

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