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Reflections on a false God

Well, that itself sort of 'implies' there is a 'true' one ... which is horse manure ... or, elephant manure ... or rat manure ... or whatever.

That raises a 'fond' thought in my mind: if God as believers like to call 'Him' visited my residence, I would feed him the 'choicest' elephant manure or 'cow dung' ... why? Well, why not? I am sure, since 'He' created all those manure-producing creatures, 'He' would not mind what comes out of the backside of those creations ...

Anyway, the point of this essay is different.

I had a few more thoughts about the white robed charlatan ... also known as a spiritual guru to the 'rich' ... of course, the point to be remembered is that the so-called 'rich' people of India are miserably poor by Western standards.

Anyway, I have submitted the article to MSN but I am not sure if they will publish it since I have used some 'forthright' language. Here, let me put my thoughts here as well ...

There is a little story with a moral in my mother tongue which goes like this ...

'Who's is inside the temple.'

'No, I didn't eat the banana.'

Well, the moral is this: when you are a thief, the culprit, you tend to panic naturally.

I am sure all of us can attest to this following situation. Whether we drive a bike or a car, there must have occurred once a situation where we lacked one of the requisite papers ... may be, the pollution certificate was out of date or something of that nature. And if we happen to see a police barricade ahead of us, we obviously panic MORE than necessary ... and thereby tend to implicate ourselves.

I myself, if I happen to have all the necessary papers on me just sort of saunter by the check post and the police almost never bothers to stop me ... as I almost brush past them at 20 kmph. And if I am stopped as I once was, I simply stop and comment that yeah, it's good to be stopped once in a while, etc. and proceed to bring my papers out of my pocket very slowly and the police get bored soon enough and ask me not to bother and to move on.

Well, this long story finely illustrates many of the relevant aspects of Ravi Shankar's shooting incident gone awry.

While the police initially suspected that the firing might have been a result of rivalry between followers of the bearded baba, the multiple Sri guy jumped the gun and branded the police's theory as a 'white lie.'

Why the need for overreacting so blatantly and accusing the police of falsehoods?

Clearly, Mr. Sri has some form of the foot-in-the-mouth disease. But that is usually the domain of politicians.

I think like politicians tend to have many, many skeletons in their cupboards, Sri Ravi also has a cupboard brimming over with clattering bones.

Thus, the obvious and profuse sweating fearing that the dead may yet come back to life with a lot of noise.

It's so common place and so boringly repetitive ... incidents of swamis in various nefarious activities ... sexual and otherwise.

I imagine a panicked Mr. Shankar holding an 'emergency' session of his 'closest' associates ... I remember the scene from Enemy of the State where Jon Voigt asks his chamchas to find out who the hell this attorney was and that he was not going to let this guy be the last episode of his life. I remember how livid Mr. Voigt's character was. Fantastic acting!

And similarly, I imagine Ravi saying to his assembled bozos: I am not going to let this little episode be the last chapter of my life.

He must have spent a few sleepless nights imagining all of his house of cards tumbling down and he himself having to spend his time being a guest of the Government of India ... 'rot in the hell of an Indian prison' as Ram Jethmalani said with respect to Kasab.

Think of Ramalinga Raju.

I had a 'famous' baba who was a relation of mine. My father's contemporary. My father was livid at all his money-grabbing shenanigans. You know how the yogi met his end???

He was HACKED to death by miscreants ... what a death, I keep on thinking, what a way to die! Dying in pieces ...


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