June 01, 2010

Kites: Movie Review

Five stars to the movie's creators for not dumbing down the story or dialogues. It seems to be a de jure requirement for moviemakers to assume the audience to be bozos.

A wonderful medley of Hindi, English, and Spanish. What daring!!!

Contrast: I recall a scene in a movie where a lady was wondering about the nose interfering with the act of kissing. What horseshit!

Kites has no story of course. Well, really?

Well, the hero asks the heroine if she loves the guy she is marrying? And she replies 'I love his money.' That's real life!

We get to visit some exotic locales too. No bombastic, oversimplied lectures about changing the world.

All in all, a good movie. And it does not drag for three hours. I certainly enjoyed it. Perhaps because I got the ticket for free.

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