June 08, 2010

One More Pie in the Sky?

There is talk of India having the world's tallest building ... AGAIN!!!

Well, this time it's the Lodha Group which plans to build a 117-storey residential tower in Mumbai.

Should these plans be taken any more seriously than the other umpteen plans declared previously but which have never come to fruition?

Well, I am an incorrigible optimist. So, my heart tells me that this time something might come out of it.

Though the news reports mention nothing at all about whether the developers have got all the required governmental clearances, I imagine they have.

The only thing which makes this somewhat of a make believe is the fact that there are hardly any 50-storey tall buildings in India — residential or otherwise.

So, talk of building a tower more than 100-storeys high obviously seems a bit like a pie in the sky project.

And oh, if you interested in buying a home in this signature tower, it will cost a mere 7.5 crores to 50 crores.

That's cheap, did you say?

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